Bullshit & the backyard EP

As of yesterday, all five of our backyard EP music videos are OFFICIALLY OUT. It has been Olivia‘s dream to develop skills in video editing and production since Junestone began back in 2018. Making these videos has been invigorating, enlightening, and most of all, fun. Releasing the final “Bullshit” has never felt so great.
We recorded the backyard EP songs in August 2020, on the Brown family’s back porch. Our good friend Shawna Picard (amazing sound engineer and videographer) recorded the audio while filming us with the help of her good friend Jim. All audio that you hear is us playing live, and the video of us that you see is actual footage that was taken while we recorded. All five songs were mixed and mastered by our friend Anthony at Music First Production. He did a spectacular job! It took us longer than expected to complete, but we kept going and it came together after all. 💗

backyard EP tracklist:

💨The Bong Song
🌟Mind Your Business
🕷Spider Collider
🕶So Nice

backyard EP playlist: https://youtube.com/playlist…

Thanks for listening everyone! We wish you a safe and happy holiday and greatly anticipate sharing our latest ALTFUNK concoctions in the majestic and encroaching year of 2023.

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