Behind the Scenes: Operate on My Heart

It truly has been a fantastic day filming the final scenes for the butt-shakin’, baby-makin’ soon-to-be autumn hit, “Operate on My Heart.” Playing not just the Hottest Nurse, but also the Best Doctor, and the Worst Patient, Olivia surely has 24+ hours of video editting ahead of her. But it’s an exciting time to be alive and Junestone is so excited to show you what’s in store.

“I really can’t believe what the f*** Anthony did with our spontaneous comp and revison of ‘Operate on My Heart’. It’s fantastic!” Olivia shakes her head between sips of cold coffee on her back deck. “It’s a good thing he asked us if we had anything for him to mix, I might have never gone back into those sessions otherwise.”

“Operate on My Heart” was originally recorded in Olivia and Ian’s (the keyboardist’s) basement back in 2019. For whatever reason the band was sure that the track was useless. It wasn’t until Olivia and Jake (the guitarist) reopened the session during quarantine 2020 that they realized otherwise. After renting a mic, rerecording the guitars, and rearranging a few of the bass, keyboard, and drum takes, a session once thought failed beyond repair was suddenly ready to be mixed by none other than Anthony Pansino.

A friend of drummer Justin McHugh’s, Anthony is a production magician to say the least. He’s also the mixing man on “Operate on my Heart”. Looking for new projects to take on, he reached out to Olivia back in May asking if there was anything she might want to collaborate on. It was then that a long-forgotten about session was suddenly back in the picture for the band.

The intial birth of “Operate on My Heart” goes back even further than 2020 and 2019 however to a weekend three years ago in 2018 when Jake and Olivia were staying in Sauble Beach. The hook popped into Olivia’s mind while lying on the actual beach, where she immediately sang it to Jake who immediately approved. Six months later in Banff, Olivia found the right bass line and charted up a rough lead sheet to bring the band. The parts they wrote from there were magical, but difficult to capture completely at their initial DIY recording session.

“Yeah the song is really just like, please help me fix my heart? Like COME ON HEART! You can do it babe. I don’t like being so afraid of other people anymore you know. I’ve got people to love with all of my heart now and I just don’t have time for it to be broken about stuff that isn’t even going on anymore, seriously.”

While the release date is still up in the air, one thing is for certain, amazingly sexy self-love songs will never die. Prepare to dance your pants off, Junestone has got one hell of an alt-disco, highly-experienced funky single in the works.


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