Junestone @ T.U Jazz Fest 2020

5 Ways to Get Ready for T.U. Jazz Fest 2020 with Junestone

  1. Make sure you have your spot reserved in advance! The Tickets are Free.. BUT you still want to let them know that you’re gonna be there. (It’s pandemic safety protocol and T.U Jazz Fest are the safety pros) https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/tu-jazz-fest-2020-junestone-tickets-118329160705
  2. Tell your friends, tell your fam, tell your neighbours, please tell yourself: “Congratulations I think you’re wiser than most! Great taste, I can’t wait to see your stylish face at the show.”
  3. Drink some water and put some sunscreen on your stylish face.
  4. Listen to some songs you hate (minimum 75% hatred) just to remind yourself why you love the songs that you love. It really is a complete miracle that a band of human people is actually playing an IRL show after all the soft metaphorical poo 2020 has consistently and ever-so-meticulously smeared all over your original 2020 plans. So get that hate outta your system and come see us babyyy!
  5. Now listen to some songs you love and get your music stomach ready for a MUSIC MEAL. If the song makes your hips shake uncontrollably it’s lik ely super effective and the perfect contender for a pre-show ditty.
**If anyone creates a quick vid of them doing any of these steps and tags me in their story I will air high five you at the show and have a secret surprise thank you merch envelope for you at the show as well. @junestoneofficial

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